Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Poker Strategy – Bluffing

Bluffing is not successful in all situations. This practice of bluffing should be used appropriately and cautiously because it might end up swallowing the bluffer as victims. A player can bluff if he has a strong hand. For instance, a third person might hit the board and one player alone might be holding a flush. If a player bets as if he is holding the flush the other players will fall prey to the player who is bluffing and assume that he has a strong hand. If a player is in pot position and if he has only one opponent then he can raise the bet. When this is done the opponent might speculate that he has a weaker hand and might fold the hand. Latest Online Poker News for all around the world.

In this Internet Gambling world, Poker has got enormous image.

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Poker Rules said...

Poker bluffing is not possible in most of the tournaments .. beware of professional players