Thursday, October 29, 2009

More Poker Tips

Follow a conservative strategy in the first three rounds by playing the premium hands.Then slowly but steadily get into that aggressive form of play when the blind stakes tend to get higher. It is safe for the player to keep alcohol consumption level low when playing poker. A player is clear in his judgment only for two drinks. In a poll conducted to find out whether alcohol can be allowed at poker tables 54% were for it. They felt that alcohol increased the enjoyment factor of the game.But poker guides speak otherwise. The probability of winning is higher when alcohol is prohibited at the poker table. This observation was established in the recent H.O.R.S.E. Poker tournament worth $50,000 whence the “prince of poker”, Scotty Nquyen proved that he was a drunken buffoon. Observing a Player with concentration is called as Poker Tells.

Mastering The Poker Skills

You have to understand this game properly if you are planning to play poker for moneymaking. You have to understand the gap which concept the based of the game which based on the opponent player. If the opponent has the habit of opening the betting process then it’s really good for you to bit the opponent player. In this game you have to notice so many things such as you have to notice all things when opponent played lose or tight game this is the main thing which you need to notice on the regular base, because this is the thing which can help you to make millions of dollars. Online Poker Tells can be learnt easily and make opponent players to loose their game. Generally you will not find those kind of things in Poker Tournaments.

Learning How To Play Poker

Texas Hold’em is the first game to learn. Poker player can decide if he / she can get along with the game. Then second move on to Omaha. The third is a fun Playing Pine Apple. Omaha and Texas Hold’Em have similarities in certain aspects. The fourth type of the player has to learn is 7 Card Stud which is simpler than Hold’Em. The fifth is Five Card Draw, as the basis of poker game played at casinos. The high-low games are simple but require high skills. Please don start poker with these types. Poker Rules of Omaha poker game are easy rather than Texas holdem. In many Poker Tournaments, players will prefer to play Texas Holdem.

Instant Playing

This move helps a player win the game in a short period of time. With this tell, the opponent does not get enough time to understand and analyze the player’s move. For example: On some poker sites, there are lesser check boxes for the players and they can instantly play on the bets and thus win the game. Though this is often a good idea, it doesn’t guarantee success every time. It can even work against the player causing him to lose their hand. Also, players with weak hands often check the boxes instantly. The key is to understand the opponent’s ideas and accordingly plan one’s own strategy. Poker Rules of texas holdem as easier than omaha poker. Poker Tells are sighs and behavior of the player

Important Poker Tips

Bluffing is considered an art in poker game. Using the strategy of bluffing the most week hand can make strong hands to fold. Don’t display your emotions, feelings and expressions to other players, when you are bluffing if you are to be successful. The important tip to know about bluffing is not to fold on your strong hands. Use your week hands to cover up for your strong ones when bluffing. The most important thing is to observe your opponent. He might be trying the same trick to fool you. Online poker rules are easier to learn rather than to apply. poker tells are also same.

How To Set Up Your Home Poker

Be ready to ask: Make sure that you consult your friends on the amount of money they are willing to bet or play for. You will realize that there are those willing to play for higher amount and those for less. Ask who among them is willing to play for higher stakes in the game.

Separate games: try to have separate games where the interest of the higher stake players and less stake players are taken care of. Let those who want to vie for higher stakes have their own table and those for less stakes have their own table too. Online Poker tells are not easy than land based poker tells.

How does semi bluffing function anyway?

They’re are so many occasions when the game gets tough and what you have in your possession is a bad hand. There are two options to this predicament;- One is to simply give up and fold, this always means a loss, a huge one for others. The other option is to keep betting despite the bad hand. Your opponent in this regard will think that your hand is still good when actually it is not. Betting in this situation is employing semi bluffing, the bluffing however is semi if only you are very aware that still with you; you have a flush or a straight draw which will work in good stead for you in the near future. In the process you will care even less if anyone folds because theirs will be simply folding better-quality hands and if at all they call you will still be in possession of some considerable outs options which invariably constitute a big pot. Poker professional generally don't depend on bluff. In Internet Gambling,Poker plays major role.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Some Poker Definitions

Button – The button points to the dealer. This button shows the dealers chair and if there is no player in that position, then the player who is located the closest to the button is said to be the dealer.

Call – To call is to match the previous bet.

Check – Check prevents a player from placing a bet. A check means waiting and not betting.

Check-Raise – An option by which one can choose not to bet and later raising the bet when some one else bets.

Community Cards – The cards that are placed at the center of the table for all to see

Poker rules are easier than poker variations . There are no perfect rules for online poker tells in real.

Stay calm and patient

By saying be patient I mean do not get excited for gaining or loosing some bucks. Keep your mind cool and follow the right strategy. Even if you are loosing you are not supposed to show your anger on the people around you. It’s the necessary and demand of the game to keep you cool. Behave yourself and be in a controlled and civilized manner. The game requires a lot of focus, concentration, commitment and right strategy. As a famous quote “work while you work play while you play”. Poker tells are reactions,habits and behavior. The Rules of video poker rules are easy to understand but it takes time to master it.

Stealing The Pot

To steal the pot effectively, bluff when your opponent is not thinking to bluff. After all, what matters is what they think; not what you think or what you think makes sense. Keep in mind your goal is to mislead your opponents, to defraud them, to have them believe you have a strong hand when you don’t. So, don’t bluff when your opponent is expecting you to or when thinking about it himself. Execution spells win or lose and timing is a huge factor in flawless execution. If you want to improve the Texas Hold'em poker, learning the online poker tells is essential.

Strategies For Poker Tournaments

In poker the strategies which are taking on in poker tournament are typically far different from the method of winning circle games. If you want to won the game of poker then you need lots of different approaches to get ride on the game of poker. In the game of poker sometime you must have to take decision of pack up because of wrong move of which you have played if you are not going to pack up at that time then you may have to lose the your whole wealth. You must have to be active while playing poker because one wrong decision can make you lose you whole wealth. So be careful while playing game of poker. Any one interested in video poker rules ? will give you links

Strategizing Against Your Opponents

A duel between great poker players always goes either way depending on how one or the other reads the way a player plays his cards especially when the game is at the prime level. If for example one player raises solidly just as soon as a flop has passed and has more cash in front of him than his opponent and the other player calls with two queens. And back and forth the one continues to raise, the other in response calling. Soon what seems like a win for the former may turn into a loss because he must have had a strong hand that he could have laid on the table but kept raising. A strong hand that is probably with two aces or 2 kings with the other one with only 2 queens and you are none the wiser how to play. some poker sites will provide Video poker rules. Mastering of poker tells like body language,moving chips,table talk etc.. will give an extra confidence while playing poker.

Tell-Tale Tell – Poker Tells

Tell-tale tell is the ‘shaky hand’. In this, the player might be oozing confidence in his words and the way he’s behaving, but his hands give him away. As an old Chinese proverb goes, ‘where the hand shakes, the heart trembles’. If a player notices an opponent’s hands shaking, he can easily tell that the confidence is then only an act. It then becomes easy to call that player’s bluff and take advantage of his weaker position. Remember to capitalize on the weak moment that the player is having as very soon as the situation changes, he might truly be confident of beating you. But, with the knowledge of all of these poker tells, you know well that there is no way you are being taken down! Mastering the poker tells will surely gives you an edge while playing poker.

Texas Hold’em Commencing Hands

Here are some of the numerous commencing hands that you can witness outlined below.

A/A – Is known as the power hand ‘The thumping Hand’. You will definitely win several games by the addition of bullets and pocket rockets.

K/K - This is the second in power commencing hand. You will be in better chances of winning great cash. But they can be controlled by A/A.

Q/Q – Queens are a good hand over jacks and the rest of the categories below.

J/J - They have a chance of winning in the game. All you have to bear in mind is to make sure you play smooth and very careful.

Some of the poker sites will also provide video poker rules. One of the popular reference to poker tells which appeared in the episode of "Casino Night" of USA TV-series

Monday, October 19, 2009

Pot Odds

Pot Odds. This is a ratio referring to the amount of money in the pot over the amount you need to make a call. For example, if the pot has $200 and you need $10 to call, the pot odd is 200:10 or 20:1. This simply means you receive $20 if you win and pay $1 if you lose. A higher rate is better. This is generally used to determine whether the long run is profitable or not.
Professional poker players will usually play in International Poker Tournaments.

Poker Odds Types

Hands Odds. This refers to the probability that you hitting your hand – getting the desired hand – after the flop or turn. To calculate this odd, you need to know how many outs completes your hand. And as a general Poker rules, every out give you a 4% chance on the flop, and 2% on the turn. For example, a flush draw with nine outs gives you a 35% chance of hitting your hand from the flop, and about 18% on the turn. Poker tells can be easily identified in online rather than offline.

Types of Poker Odds

Implied Odds. Sometimes, players disregard what’s in the pot and make a loose call. This happens when a player figures he will win more than what’s in the pot in the rare event that he actually hits a hand. Takes a bit of risk and cunning but in high-stakes, no-limit games, this is where a daredevil of a player can win an opponents entire stack in poker tournaments.

Despite the math involved, odds are just that – percentages and probabilities. Playing poker is ultimately a judgment call. Poker out, odds and strategy are tools to be used to make sound judgments.

Types Of Poker Tells

A very good online poker tell is “Chat”. Based on just the chat, the mindset of the opponent can easily be determined. For instance, if a player is talking continuously and suddenly he stops, it is probably because of a weak hand or something else in the game play has adversely affected his chances. So it might be a good idea to keep the chat to a minimum, much like casino poker and in effect reduce the chances of giving out vital information. Poker tells: betting time and taking time while playing with cards etc.

U.S Online Poker Players

If you are a poker fan in the US, then this could be time for you to have a renewed smile on your face.
Basing on the fact that there are great controversies concerning poker as to whether it is more of a skill than chance, the bill has yet been introduced and the chances of having it passed is almost 100%. At the end of it all though, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Americans are waiting for something better, if not good. If the bill is passed, then poker will be legal in the US. Online poker will be legalized and players will be back at the game again, true hope for the American people.In International Poker Tournaments US players are more than any other countries. Poker Tells can be easily identified for fish poker players(beginners).

Thursday, October 8, 2009

online poker tells:

There are three types of poker tells: Verbal tells, Visual tells and Betting tells:

Under these three types of online poker tells,this the most important than any other game. There are mainly three types of betting tells: which will result how much your opponent bets for next round, how much long your opponent takes time to bet, and the last which will result from your opponents only by using of “in turn”. If your opponent player is experienced one in online poker then you should be aware of him. He may use intentional false tell to make you out of the game. You should know the difference between a real deal and a false tell. which will be know bu looking your opponents “idiosyncrasies through your opponents” which is pattern of the play. Generally people don’t use false tell while playing the poker game online or offline.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Pineapple Poker Vs Texas Holdem

If you know these poker rules of Texas Hold'em then it's easy to play the another game called (pineapple poker) Crazy Pineapple Poker.Just with two differences :Poker rules

The first one ,after the blinds are posted you'll receive the hole cards. where as in Texas Holdem bascially you will start the game with two hole cards.In Pineapple poker it's going to be three cards. which will create more starting good hands and other hands will work with the flop.In Texas Holdem game, there will be round of betting when you receive the hole cards and another betting round after the flop.where as in pineapple poker the player should discard their own card from their hole cards when the flop occurs. This is the second difference of these two games Pineapple poker and texas holdem game.

If you are familiar with these two differences then can play with these two games.

minimum rules to know before you go for playing poker

As all we know that there are many different number of poker games amd as many as poker rules. Before going for poker rules, Poker is defined as a card game in which player starts betting on the cards which they have. Atlast the player with best wins te pot. Durig betting round, the rules listed below are to be followed:
1.A check is the one whne you are trying to bet zero then you no need give interest(pot)

2.To bet or raise, this means that you are betting higher than other bets. while the remaining players will watch you or can go over the bet amount so that they are proving that they are in the game.
3. Call, it is the bet amount that are placing the same amount as the other player has placed before you.
4.Folding, And this is the last in poker rules, which means that you give up your chance if winnig the pot. This happens because when the other player is playing with good hand than your hand or you can't raise the bet anymore.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Poker player:Professional

you should not be lazy to practice and learn the game. If you want be professional poker then you must be avtive and practice the game everyday. Playing poker with more experienced players will make you to learn the things easily and will be benefitted for your future pupose.
Winning mentality: A great player will have always winning mentality and will try for a win every hand.
Try not attempt every hand: If you are dealing with lousy hand and the odds which are winning against you, then it' better to leave the game.Of course, you must have the winning mentality, and make sure that not loose the game instead you can leave the hand.
Always try to focuse on the present game, don't think for other things while playing the game.If you are thinking about others then our concentration level decreases and may lead bad decisions.If you want to make your hand to win then you mind should be clear.
If follow these tips and follow it you may not become prefessional in one day. Try to practice and learn the poker game.

Poker professional

Poker tells will be different from player to player and almost every player who is playing can try for a tell. Generally people will watch their opponent player to make a tell, that might be a perfect tell or a false tell. Here’s the problem, how do you come to know whether your opponent is using a false tell? So people who are good at this field they can easily know this kind of false tells, but beginners will make use of this false tells.

If you want to see you’re self as a professional poker player then you must be student forever in this gambling field. You should always keep learning these techniques and tips n strategies should know the latest updates from the latest poker news.

You should be humble to everyone. Confidence levels must kept low in order to win the games. If you want to be good poker pro then must know your strengths and weaknesses. by knowing your strength, ca make the game better and win more number of games.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Poker rules: Omaha Poker

Players who want to play Omaha poker can refer the Poker Rules below:

Omaha Lo/Hi split and Omaha High are the versions of this Omaha poker game.

Omaha Hi/Lo split can also be called as Hi-Lo. Better 8 or Eight or Better.

This split refers for pot winners by Low and High hands.

This game is just same Texas Holdem, which is played with 5 community cards and can use any combination from any community card to make best hand.

And the only difference is Omaha is dealt with 4 cards, not 2.

And it’s mandatory that player should use 2 cards and three cards from community board. Should use only 3 cards not 2 by their hand to make best hand will cost a new player who is playing Hold’em play.

Better or Omaha Eight : As Low, cards should not higher than 8 in your five cards. Therefore, can use two cards, and three cards must be there on board which are eight or lower.If you follow this poker rules you can master the this Omaha poker game.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Poker tells: Drawing Hand:

Poker Tells as Drawing Hand:
After a Flop checks Hole Cards : If a Flop with the possibility of giving a chance of straight draw or flush, then you should watch people those who are re-checking their own hole cards. They are checking whether the Black Ace is a club or spade. At this point Player doesn't have straight or flush,if they have then they would not have check, then it might be draw.
While calling a bet takes Long time: If player takes look at pot and seems to be calculating in his mind then probably he is. He will figure out the odds in pot if want's to try and can catch cards then he might be hurry in drawing hand.
An important note: players with large amount of experience will give false Poker tells, so the first and foremost thing is to read other poker players and notice whether they are pros or novices.

Poker Tells : Good Hand (cont.) and Weak hand :

cont... Poker tells-- Good hand

Shrugging and Sighing: If Player shows his feeling like sigh or shrug, and says " Why to call ?" or " yeah, i will call" , thus shows his overacting by hiding his big hand, and will make the opponent to think about his call.

Looking at his chips and Hole cards: when player starts looking down and notice pocket cards or strong hole, she/he may glance at his/her chips for betting.

Poker tells: Weak hand :

Staring at Other Players : If an opponent player stares you down, then he is trying to show-off his strength. Though he has Weak hand-- he is with something, which can be drawn out or beaten up.

Holds his/her Breath:

Player with less experience, holds their breath while bluffing.

If you people know above poker tells of weak hand and strong hand , then it might be easy to win more money. Just try with this tips .