Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Poker Strategy

Poker is originated in roman era and now it is a very famous game. This is an international game and played by the many people today. Poker involves lots of strategies and this game is not easy. By applying all these strategies a player can win this game in a very less time. But there is one particular strategy which makes the player leader in this game. The name of this strategy is known as ‘trapping’. This method of trapping put the opponent in tensed situation and diverts his attention from the game. And thus makes this game more interesting. To play the game with winning motive and in order to stay away from the trap one should first know the process of trapping very well. Trapping is defined as a play where the opponent with strong hand shows weakness and makes the opposite person play hand. For instance: if player got an ace high flush then he puts up small bet then he looks on it the other players having less hands and think of making more bets and finally fall into the trap by him.

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bingo developer said...

Poker trapping is also called slowplaying. To play a strong hand aggressively would be considered playing it fast.