Sunday, October 25, 2009

Tell-Tale Tell – Poker Tells

Tell-tale tell is the ‘shaky hand’. In this, the player might be oozing confidence in his words and the way he’s behaving, but his hands give him away. As an old Chinese proverb goes, ‘where the hand shakes, the heart trembles’. If a player notices an opponent’s hands shaking, he can easily tell that the confidence is then only an act. It then becomes easy to call that player’s bluff and take advantage of his weaker position. Remember to capitalize on the weak moment that the player is having as very soon as the situation changes, he might truly be confident of beating you. But, with the knowledge of all of these poker tells, you know well that there is no way you are being taken down! Mastering the poker tells will surely gives you an edge while playing poker.

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