Sunday, October 4, 2009

Poker rules: Omaha Poker

Players who want to play Omaha poker can refer the Poker Rules below:

Omaha Lo/Hi split and Omaha High are the versions of this Omaha poker game.

Omaha Hi/Lo split can also be called as Hi-Lo. Better 8 or Eight or Better.

This split refers for pot winners by Low and High hands.

This game is just same Texas Holdem, which is played with 5 community cards and can use any combination from any community card to make best hand.

And the only difference is Omaha is dealt with 4 cards, not 2.

And it’s mandatory that player should use 2 cards and three cards from community board. Should use only 3 cards not 2 by their hand to make best hand will cost a new player who is playing Hold’em play.

Better or Omaha Eight : As Low, cards should not higher than 8 in your five cards. Therefore, can use two cards, and three cards must be there on board which are eight or lower.If you follow this poker rules you can master the this Omaha poker game.

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