Sunday, October 25, 2009

Strategizing Against Your Opponents

A duel between great poker players always goes either way depending on how one or the other reads the way a player plays his cards especially when the game is at the prime level. If for example one player raises solidly just as soon as a flop has passed and has more cash in front of him than his opponent and the other player calls with two queens. And back and forth the one continues to raise, the other in response calling. Soon what seems like a win for the former may turn into a loss because he must have had a strong hand that he could have laid on the table but kept raising. A strong hand that is probably with two aces or 2 kings with the other one with only 2 queens and you are none the wiser how to play. some poker sites will provide Video poker rules. Mastering of poker tells like body language,moving chips,table talk etc.. will give an extra confidence while playing poker.

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