Friday, October 2, 2009

Poker Tells : Good Hand (cont.) and Weak hand :

cont... Poker tells-- Good hand

Shrugging and Sighing: If Player shows his feeling like sigh or shrug, and says " Why to call ?" or " yeah, i will call" , thus shows his overacting by hiding his big hand, and will make the opponent to think about his call.

Looking at his chips and Hole cards: when player starts looking down and notice pocket cards or strong hole, she/he may glance at his/her chips for betting.

Poker tells: Weak hand :

Staring at Other Players : If an opponent player stares you down, then he is trying to show-off his strength. Though he has Weak hand-- he is with something, which can be drawn out or beaten up.

Holds his/her Breath:

Player with less experience, holds their breath while bluffing.

If you people know above poker tells of weak hand and strong hand , then it might be easy to win more money. Just try with this tips .

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