Wednesday, October 7, 2009

minimum rules to know before you go for playing poker

As all we know that there are many different number of poker games amd as many as poker rules. Before going for poker rules, Poker is defined as a card game in which player starts betting on the cards which they have. Atlast the player with best wins te pot. Durig betting round, the rules listed below are to be followed:
1.A check is the one whne you are trying to bet zero then you no need give interest(pot)

2.To bet or raise, this means that you are betting higher than other bets. while the remaining players will watch you or can go over the bet amount so that they are proving that they are in the game.
3. Call, it is the bet amount that are placing the same amount as the other player has placed before you.
4.Folding, And this is the last in poker rules, which means that you give up your chance if winnig the pot. This happens because when the other player is playing with good hand than your hand or you can't raise the bet anymore.

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